Ebay Seller Customer Service – Tip 38


If you go the extra mile then your customers will notice.

It doesn’t cost much to do so even a simple thank you letter or card once in a while to your customers will pay dividends. Over the past years North America has lost there ability to give good service.

If you want to build a sustainable business then you have to get back to the basics and care and appreciate your customers.

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  • The little extras really help. I ordered something similar recently: A camera case for my android phone. It came from Hong Kong and costs less than $4. It was everything I expected and then a bit more. Needless to say, I felt compelled to leave a positive comment.

    By the way, your audio needs an upgrade. The quality, especially near then end were making my ears bleed.

  • Hello Chris!

    I enjoyed your video. I was listening to the Go-Giver, an audiobook, this week and that’s one of the point they were stressing in the story: to add value. And that’s exactly what that person did for you. I believe that by doing business in a more personable way we are reconnecting with the human on the other side. It’s not only a client, a number or a statistic, it’s a person. Every one likes to feel appreciated.

    Check your sound it wasn’t the greatest for me.

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