Get Out of The Woods – Tip 34


You have to sometimes forget where you are, especially when you find yourself in the woods. You have to understand what it is you were put on this earth to do and you have to come out of the shadows that you have been living in.

I know this is sometimes very hard to do, but remember you are not the only one that started exactly where you find yourself today. I always like to remind myself that every single person on this earth started out in diapers and it is up to you to direct your life in the right direction. It isn’t up to your parents or to your grandparents, it isn’t up to your spouse or your children, it isn’t up to your boss or your coworkers, it isn’t up to your friends or your dog…it is up to you.

Life is a game that cannot be won, it can only be played.

Legend of Beggar Vance, great movie that you should watch, watch it for the lessons as well as the entertainment. I think Will Smith is one of the best educated actors when it comes to success. He always plays a role of inspiration and I am sure it has taught him a lot.

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