If You Fall Get Back Up – Tip 28


If you are going to let a little or even a big fall stop you from achieving your goals then I would suggest that you don’t even bother. Just forget about your goals, dreams, family and friends because they all involve falling down and getting back up.

Falling down is just part of the fun of getting to the top.

You see falling down is just the gravity pulling you in such a way to challenge your commitment. If it were easy then it wouldn’t be very exciting achieving it. If it were easy then you wouldn’t stay interested long enough to have fun.

Did you know that if it were not for gravity no planes would fall from the sky, no one would fall down stairs and no one would ever fall and break their leg. But you don’t hear people running around whining about gravity because it is accepted and just part of what we are. Also if there was not any gravity then you could not go skiing, play ball, dive into the water or even take a shower.

Just like gravity there could not be fun without the fall.

Let me ask you this…have you ever heard (or heard of) someone telling a small baby not to try and crawl or walk because they will fall (or have already fallen even multiple times already)? No of course not, then why would you ever give that advice to yourself?

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