Is Your Life Being Sucked Out of You? – Tip 26


Do you feel like the life is being sucked out of you?

If you do then you need to make some changes and you need to make those changes now because if you don’t then your life will be gone (or sucked out of you) before you know it.

You and I both know that it is a fact that someday we will be gone, when that day comes we do not know but it is the only sure thing in life.

You really need to start doing what you love and spending time with those you love then (and only then) the rest will fall into place. You will never be 100% happy until you fill both of those requirements I can promise you that.

Does that mean go out and quite your job, get a divorce and abandon your children? Of course not or at least not yet.

You need to put things into perspective. For your job it is easy if you don’t love your job start doing something else that you love doing until it can replace that income and then quit.

For your spouse and children, don’t pull a Tiger Woods and try everything else out there or make any other rash decisions, but instead look to see what your problem is first (I know it is never your fault right) but just humor me and take a look, I think you may be surprised (maybe even frightened). Probably you will be able to find a few changes that you can make that will change everything for you.

Remember every day that you spend unhappy is lost forever and you cannot get it back so act today and turn your life into what you pictured it as a child.

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