Success and Life Accumulates – Tip 21


You need to remember that life is going to accumulate. You can either accumulate the good (steps toward your goals) or you can accumulate the bad (steps that lead away from your goals). The choice is really up to you.

Here is the good news. If you have already accumulated some bad (in other words you are heading in the wrong direction) you can at any point in time change the collection of events. Start today moving in closer to your goals.

I can compare this to the snow fall. If a single flake of snow falls it is hardly noticeable, even when it snows a fair amount most of it melts away at first. However, once enough starts falling it starts accumulating and it does so very fast. But remember there is always spring time just around the corner and a chance to melt it all away until the next snowy season when it starts accumulating once again.

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