Kids Are Smarter Then Adults


Here is my son at his first apple day fundraiser for beavers.

When the day began my son didn’t ask anyone to buy (he was too shy), very quickly though (after only a few people passed by) he figured out that if he didn’t ask then he would not sell any apples. So he started asking EVERY single person who walked by. Some would say no, some would pretend not to see him, some would act as though they didn’t understand and some would buy.

I remember once someone told him that they only had a $20 bill, his response was “That is ok you can still buy one” :)

The point here is that for the entire 2 hours that he was there he did not one time get discouraged, he did not one time give up not matter how rude someone was or how disapointed he got. I would bet if we put 100 adults in his place probably 95 or more would have given up and quit.

You see if you don’t ask you don’t receive, if you give up then you don’t get ahead and you can be sure if you follow the crowd and take offense to the stupidity of others then you are going be as successful as them…probably not very successful.

This is exactly why “kids are smarter then adults”.

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