Don’t Get Frustrated, Get Fascinated


Sorry I didn’t quote Jim exactly right when doing the video, my mind went calm for a second…

Jim Rohn would tell you to “Turn Frustration Into Fascination” why? because you get further staying calm then you do if you get angry or worked up.

I know it is very hard to stay calm all the time in every situation, but you have to agree that you always get furthur when you are calm and are using your head.

I know you don’t get angy or upset right, you don’t over react. So think of a situation where you were in a busy line when someone in front of you got angry with the clerk, how far did that get them? Not very far I am sure.

Try to think back to when you were a teenager and had your first job, did it help customers with you when they got mad, probably not, if you were like me then you thought that was pretty cool they were getting mad and what you said was the way it was going to be.

Now think when one of your customers was maybe even wrong but they were nice the whole time and calm. Probably in this situation you let them get their way even knowing they were wrong just because being nice goes a long way, especially when most people don’t get to deal with nice people that often.

Use this and you will notice great changes in your life!

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